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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Quiet Day

Today has been a quiet day. Did not do much. Talked to Laura about going down to Arkansas to keep kids while her mom goes to workshop for a week and then Bradley starts school about a week before Ashley. Plan on going down the 7th of August and returning Labor Day. Stephen, Robby and Allison are coming down Labor Day Weekend and I will go back with them.

Noticed the temp was 98 at 7:00 this evening, it really has been hot today.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Monday-Life without any kids around

It was very quiet around here today without any of the kids here, gandkids or kids. We miss them being around.

It was so very hot today, I hated to get out, but we needed to return the wheelchair we rented for Lee. Picked up Stephen at lunch time and he carried it in for me as I am not to lift over 10 lbs for a few days. We had lunch and then I took him back to work.

Talked to Lee, he was pretty worn out. We left here yesterday to go to airport at 2:00 and he got home at 12:30 AM this morning. These evening storms have really played havoc on his traveling this time. His computer at home was acting up so now he is working on it.

We spent a quiet evening at home tonight.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Sunday - Time for Lee to Return Home

We have truly enjoyed having Lee here with us for a few days. Thank you Angela and boys for sharing him. It was so hard for him and much of the time he didn't feel well, but he tried to keep going.

We had lunch and then Lee finished packing to return home. We took him to airport and got him off to St. Louis only to be delayed till 9:15. He was supposed to leave at 7:55. The wheelchair is so uncomfortable, but the chairs are worse, at least they brought him pillow to sit on and put behind his back. I hope the weather that is holding up his flight makes it when they said it would.

We are home just Stephen and I, boy does it seem quiet withouth anyone around.

Got a card from Bradley and one from Ashley yesterday, it had my favorite cartoon character on it, Tweety Bird.

Anyway, we are just relaxing. Legg still hurts some when I walk, and of course my knee sill lets me know it's here whenever I walk.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Saturday the day after my Angiogram

Well it’s all over for now. Thank goodness, at least the latest episode in my life seems to have ended for the moment. Now I have to get down to where the rubber meets the road and figure a happy medium now that I am diabetic. Seems to always be one thing or the other as each of us well know.

.Yesterday was a very exhausting day for all of us. We were up at 5:30, so we could get to the hospital at 7:00. I was to be the first procedure that day in the cath lab. I finally go back at 7:45 and find out there has been an emergency and it would be 9:00 before I would go in. That’s ok, if it were me on the other end I would hope they would do that for me. Stephen, Allison, and Robby were with me. They came back and stayed in the room with me until 9:00 when they came for me. They gave me a pill while I was waiting and as soon as I went back they put something in the IV and I really don’t remember much about anything until 11:30 or so. I do seem to remember them telling me I would not have to have anything surgically done. Much relief as the nurse had told me three things would be done after the doctor viewed everything: 1st the blockage was not as thought by the stress test. 2nd I would have the stint or balloon. 3rd I would need to have bypass surgery and that would be discussed by all concerned. Loretta had already told me they were often incorrect and the man after me had come in for 4 bypasses and when they got in, he didn’t need it. Goes to show nothing is as it seems at first glance. Guess I went back to sleep, don’t remember much until 2:30 and my knee was hurting so bad, I needed a new position, but couldn’t until 4:30. Finally at 4:15 the nurse let me sit up on the side of the bed, and then I got to walk down the hall. In a little bit got to walk again and it seemed the incision had clotted and was not bleeding so finally I could dress and go home. We got home around 5:35. Robby and Allison went and picked up Chinese and it was great.

Lee is doing fairly well. He has been feeling pretty rough ever since we got here. We started out in Little Rock on Monday 7/5 at around 3:00. Our flight out of LR was on time 5:05 and we arrived in St. Louis on time. We had around 45 min. till next flight, we got a drink and looked around a minute then went and sit down to wait on our flight. It was beginning to get dark outside and then the storm hit, one after the other and we finally got out of St. Louis at 12:30 AM, we were supposed to leave at 7:00. Neither of us had eaten and Stephen, Robby and Allison had not either, so we stopped at IHOP and then by the time we got to bed it was 4:00AM

Stephen, Lee and Robby are helping Lee with a web page for his brother-in-law Nick McDaniel (McDaniel Realty). They have put much time and effort into it. Rob and Allison didn’t go home until after midnight last night. Allison had picked up a couple of movies that she thought I would like and I enjoyed them very much. Robby and Allison are on their way back over to do some more on the web site and I am not supposed to do anything much and cannot drive today. Not supposed to do anything much for the next 5 days, so I guess Stephen gets to do the wife thing for awhile again. Sleep well, was pretty sore when I got up, but feel better now.

It is a really hot day today, the clouds have moved it and the sun is not shinning now, maybe that will help the heat some.