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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gong to meet Scott, Laura and Kids

We are up early to get packed and take off to meet Scott and gang in Bentonville. No matter how much I plan I manage to forget something. I had a trash bag full of bedding and other things with my stuff to pack in car. Steve thought it was trash, so in the trash it went. Halfway to Ar. I thought I didn't see it in the back and asked about it. That is when I learned where it was. Sooo needless to stay I told Steve he had to retrieve it and I would take it down the next trip or he could bring it when he comes.

Meet the Kids, visited a minute and then we all hit the road. It was 11:00 and Steve had to get back, pack his orienteering things, pick up chichen and be at park by 4:00 pm. He made it, we made it and I settled in our house. Posted by Picasa


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