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Monday, March 09, 2009

Been Awhile

Boy has it been awhile. We are in Society Hill, SC. with the New Hope Girls Ranch for a tent meeting. Things are going very well, the only problems are getting the internet to stay up on our Sprint Data Card and the wind blowing so hard at times, you wonder if you are going to stay in the tent. It is beautiful today, some wind, lots of sun and supposed to be in 80's for high. Too warm for me, but everyone else seems to enjoy.

We just came back from breakfast at Huddle House, 1st time we have ever been in one. Don't know how we've managed all these years not to ever eat there, but did today and enjoyed very much. Also was on the hunt for a pizza pan. Stephen is using it with his antenna, hoping to get better reception for internet. We have the audio on the internet, but really would like to have video with it.

We came home on Feb. 21st (Drew's birthday) from Calhoun, GA. About 30 min. on the road and I could tell I was getting sick. Steve had been sick since Wed. with the stomach bug and I had taken it also. He still didn't feel too perky, but I hit every McDonald's for the next 4 hrs or so. Then could go maybe 30 min without having to stop. Was an awful trip home. Took me till Wed to start feeling halfway normal. We went to church at Heritage that night, was pretty wiped out when we got back home. Spent Thursday getting ready to leave Fri. morning to go see our youngest son Robby and his wife Rachel and our beautiful 11 month old twin grandaughters.

Left out Friday morning stopped at dentist office for teeth cleaning only and got news we both need around $3500.00 worth of work on our teeth. Told them we would have to wait, didn't have that kinda change in our pocket. Trip to Olatha, KS was uneventful, got there around 5:00PM. The girls have grown so much and are so beautiful. Rachel and Rob are doing a good job with them, especially since this is their 1st children. They are still crawling. Standing up and would like to take off, but haven't yet. Rob and Rachel house is so pretty and they are so happy in it.and the girls are all over the place.

Came back home Sunday, also uneventful trip. Monday took Lee to so some grocery shopping and take care of some business. Went to Applebee's and had supper with Scott and Lacey and visited with them. Tuesday took Preston and Drew to school.
Tuesday night picked up Scott and we went to Ashley's award meeting for Basketball at Geyer Springs Baptist. Was so good to see Ash, she is growing up so fast. Bradley stayed at his MeMaws so I did not get to see him. Took Scott back to No. Little Rock, got to see Bella a minute, JT was in back of house.

Wed. Preston was going to school and got a horrible pain in his right side. Could hardly stan riding down the road. Lee called me and we decided he better go on to doctors office. Doctor ordered ultrsound at 2:30 that afternoon at Baptist Hospital. I picked up Drew after school and took him to Sonic and got a slush. We then went back to house to see PaPa and get him up and ready. Lee called and they didn't see anything wrong with the Gallblatter or gallstones. We would have to wait till later in the evening to find out on other tests. Asked Lee is Preston was up to eating and he was starving to death and he wanted to go to Panda Garden. We met them there and had supped and visited for awhile. Was late when we got home. Doctor called and they did not find anything else wrong. Just supposed to watch him and if any other trouble come back in.

Thursday we started packing up to leave Friday. Had ordered our medications and Steve's came, but mine was not to come till Fri. We got up Friday and finished packing and my meds came at noon and we were soon on the road to SC. Stoppe outside of Birmingham, AL and spend night and then headed on into Society Hill, SC.

We are staying in a trailer at the back of church and tent, to keep and eye on our equipment. Also a member puts his guard dog in there every night. That pretty much take us up to the present for the last 3 weeks. Have a good day all.


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