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Monday, June 14, 2004

Steve had toothache

A big part of the day as spent with Stephen and his toothache problem. It started hurting after he got home Friday. Was still giving him muc grief this morning, so called dentist and he said it sounded like he needed a root canal. He has never had one, I've had several and he never really understood how they feel. Hard was to find out, but it's done now and hopefully he will be ok to leave Friday for out vacation.

We have spent a very quite evening with Stephen trying to stay away at least till 9:00. Looks stormy outside, have a flood watch until 5:00 tomorrow morning. Temp dropped from 95 to 76 in a very short time. It was so hot out today. I guess summer has arrived.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

A Quite Saturday

We got up and went out to enjoy our remodeled patio and it was 60 degrees, I enjoyed the temp, but Stephen was a bit chilly. Everything looked nice except for all the leaves blown in by the storms that went through last night, also rained 2 inches.

We spent the rest of the day trimming the trees on patio and working around the house. Stephen soaked up some sunshine and I repainted a hanging picture that the sun had took all the color out of.

We had supper at home tonight, had roast and veggies, was very good. Spending another quite, calm evening at home.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Finishing up our patio project

Well we have got the patio pretty much like we want it. Went shopping for a few last things we needed to complete the project. First we went by IHOP and had breakfast, was very good. We then headed to Kmart and Home Depot, then home to finish up.

We went out to supper with Robby and Allison at the Salty Iguana and enjoyed it very much. Robby had a good trip to the Tampa area, but was equally as glad to return home to their new apartment. Allison and Seamore did well also while Rob was gone.

Was a nice day.

Friday, June 11, 2004

the State Funeral of Ronald Reagan

The day was unusual. Many reflections and thoughts have passed through my mind. Seemed the day was perfect for the events to follow.

As President Reagan was being carried out of the Capitol, it was raining. It seemed that it should be that way. This was his final trip out of the place he had changed history and served the United States. At the services, the music was outstanding and the speakers each covered different parts of Reagan's life. So many people from so many walks of life took time to come pay tribute to this gentle man and pay tribute to his life.

We spent the evening at home, grilled steaks and just relaxed. It has been a nice day.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

A Cool Day

It was cool and rainy today. We received as much rain today as we normally get for one month in June. It rained cats and dogs at times.

Worked around the house, then went to Dollar Store and Big Lots for a few things, stopped by McDonalds for a salad then headed home.

Continued cleaning out some drawers, getting ready for trip and played a little Spider Solitare. Then it was time to go pick up Stephen at Sprint. We came home and ate leftovers.

Dr. Whitaker called and said the results of my stress test had come in and the resting stress part of test looked good, however the stress part showed several problems. He is to get Melissa his nurse to set me up an appointment with the heart doctor and let me know in the morning. Seems my body is doing some major changes, first diabetic, now heart, kinda scary and a bit unsettling to say the least. Didn't sleep very well, couldn't seem to quit thinking about it all.

Stephen has the trip planned on Street Atlas and is sending it to Scott and Laura to look over and see if they want to make any changes. Laura's grandfather is back home after changing up his medication. Seems to be doing much better. Laura said her Mom and Dad were a little worried about leaving town, but there is another week to see how he does and hopefully he will continue to improve. They have really been looking forward to making the trip out west with us.

That's all for this time.

Drive to Work

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

A rainy Wednesday

Today was a wonderful calm rainy day. Was a good day to reflect on things. Watched President Reagan's funeral proceedings in California and then flown to Washington to lie in state. Have enjoyed hearing all the stories surrounding his life.

Worked awhile on patio between showers this morning, then it set in raining steady. Temps have stayed around 70 all day. Has been very nice. Been getting things together for our trip.

Picked Stephen up from work and then went o Chili's to eat. Was good and enjoyed our meal.

Spent the rest of the evening relaxing. Has been very nice evening.

On the patio

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

My First Blog Entry

Was very hot today. Worked out on patio with flowers, tranplanted Ashley's cucumbers on Sunday and they are looking good. She wants me to make pickles for her with them. We are almost thru with the patio, really looking good.

Went to see doctor today. My blood work showed I am now diabetic and he wanted to go over some of the things to do and to start me on medication for it.

Did some shopping for our trip out west next week. Also picked up a few things for house, trying to get ready for Mike and Vickie to stay with us the night before they head back to Little Rock.

Talked to Robby in Clearwater, FL today. He had finished up his day and was back at the hotel, getting ready to read a book he was reading. All is well.

Picked up Stephen from work, ate supper at Applebee's, then came home. Relaxing now with TV, computer games and Steve working on his omputer.