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Monday, July 18, 2005

The Day I Swam The Kaw River

This was the day that I swam the KAW.

I think this is the hardest cache that we have done to date. I wish I had gotten there a little sooner so I could have teamed up with Six Pack. I would have felt much better doing this cache with someone else. Six Pack was coming back across the river as I was headed to the island. I chose a little different route. The rapids just looked like too much for me.

I think this cache is rated correctly. With the route I took maybe it ought to be a 6 for terrain.

When I first stepped into the water I was met with a 2 foot gar. We scared each other and we went our separate ways. I didn't get too far until the water was up to my chest and I turned back to stash my cell phone in the bushes. This is when I discovered I had already soaked my pedometer. It's now dead.

On my second attempt I realized I was going to have to swim a short distant so I put my Garmin in a zipper pocket in my swim suit. This is the biggest test I have put it to, to test it's ability to be waterproof. It survived much better than my pedometer. It passed the test with flying colors.

After I arrived at the island I realized that I had not called Mary and told her I was leaving my cell phone in the bushes to keep it dry. Before I got back to it I had received 10 or 11 missed called for Mary and Brian. They were beginning to think I had drowned.

The point where I cut across the island was a real jungle. I had to blaze a new trail. I know there had to be a better way.

As I was leaving the cache there was a boat coming downstream. I just knew it was a cacher and I was going to thumb a ride out of there. He had trouble with his motor down below the cache site. When he got his motor running he just went on downstream. He wasn't a cacher after all. Just a fisherman. So now I had to walk to the other end of the island and swim out. The current was really swift where I crossed. I came in with one walking stick and went out with two. I went right straight through the rapids on way out. I think that was a mistake.

I was sure glad I had a change of clothes waiting when I got back to the van. I was a real mess.

I sure hope you guys don't make them any harder than this. I'm getting too old for this. It was quite the adventure and a lot of fun. Thanks for the adventure.

The pedometer is Dead.
2 caches found today


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