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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Riding Mountain National Park

This morning we got up to clear skies and a beautiful day at the Elkhorn Resort. We enjoyed a great breakfast on the south edge of the park in Wasagaming before driving through the park.

After all the National Parks that we have been to, Riding Mountain National Park was a let down. We didn’t not see any wildlife to speak of. The mountains turned out to be hills. The forest were beautiful with lots of evergreens and birch trees. There were no caches to chase. There were hundreds of kilometers of trails but we didn’t have time to explore them.

After leaving Riding Mountain it was a lot of driving all day to get back to Winnipeg.

Today's Stats:
7 Geocaches.
6782 Steps Today - 3.85 miles.
3721 Aerobic Steps.
385 Calories Burned.


Anonymous Celes Davar said...

Hello Steve,
It was great to get your post for our cache here at Riding Mountain National Park. Much appreciated. It sounded like you got a bit wet. Oops. Spring, I guess. It's too bad that we did not know that you were here. I own and operate a learning adventure company, and am a professional nature photographer. We own and operate Earth Rhythms (, and could easily have taken you out for some very cool wildlife viewing offtrail and to some really neat locations. If you are ever back this way, do contact us. Otherwise, I just want to say what a wonderful Blog you have.

I'm curious about one thing. On your blog, you indicated that there were no caches at Riding Mountain National Park, yet you had been to ours, which is just outside the park boundary. I guess you were looking for one inside the park boundary, right?

I thought that you might be interested to know that we are facilitating a community-based project in which we are creating several new Geocaches, virtual caches, Earth Caches, and a host of other GPS experiences througout the next few months. When you return, you can expect some hot new GPS learning experiences. Cheers, Celes Davar

Thursday, June 02, 2005 4:29:00 PM  

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